Coronavirus Economy

Coronavirus Economy

Its not the end its a new beginning. For the longest time I been told that I should just get a "real job" I mean what am I doing working from home when everyone else was working from an office and getting paid slaving 9-5 making your boss rich and working for his dream not yours.

Fast forward to today now everyone expected to work at home. Millions of jobs lost the worst unemployment since the great depression and guess what we are in the second coming of what might be the worst downturn ever economic downturn ever since this is effecting world wide.

What started as a health crisis not starting to become an economic crisis on a global scale. For years I been advocating for people to have multiple streams of income, to work at home and move to put your business online yet most people I suggested for this to do did not listen.

The truth is that if you are not doing what I suggested you will be extinct soon this is the equivalent meteor strike during the age of the dinosaurs. Now is the time to start moving your business online, selling on eBay, etsy, Shopify, Fiverr and even creating online classes.

So many things you can do now to make income because until we figure out what is hot in demand when this quarantine will finally end you will more then like be drowning in debt and broke. The time to take action is right now invest in your education and create self sustaining businesses with multiple streams of income.

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