PLR Private Label Rights

PLR Private Label Rights

Online course instructors sell courses on Udemy, Skillshare and their own sites. But did you know a third way exists, what if you cannot create a class do not know how to and yet got a great way to market or have an existing client list. My friend and a few clients made thousands of dollars doing exactly that it is simple and easy to do.

The PLR Private Label Rights option is ability to license content and sell it. You can use it for physical products also and it is common in many industries including digital. With large demand you can easily earn big money and all you need to do is market my online classes.

No need to spend weeks creating content, paying thousands of dollars to upgrade your equipment and edit the videos all the work is already done for you with proven sales record. You license the content enroll in my affiliate marketing course and that is all you need to get started.

Additional Information

Once you buy the rights you can sell the classes anywhere but on Udemy and Skillshare those sites do not allowed PLR Private Label Rights to be sold and as condition for you buying the class I am not allowing you to market in those places plus it is against the rules of those two sites.

Most people who buy from me create their own or online school and start to sell the classes they buy to others. Using the knowledge gained in Teachable, Affiliate Marketing Masterclass & MailChimp you should be ready to start making money right away.


I made around $100,000+ teaching online with Udemy, Skillshare and Teachable. All my classes made money and some make more then others so how you pick best one for you? It is really about your Niche

where you can market the classes and a using the knowledge I teach you so you can also make money online.

@ Cheapest choice are the demo classes those

are the newbie classes cost is only $100 to license @ 1-2 courses: $500* per class +lifetime license

*$500 for 3 hour class each extra 3 hours add $300

(Additional $100 fee to upload & set up class on Teachable) @ 3-5 courses: $400* per course +lifetime license @ 6-10 courses: $300 per course +lifetime license

@ Masterclass Label PLR: $1200 Per course

(If the title of the class is Masterclass) I am one of the top instructors on Udemy serving over 200,000 students online worldwide. My content is

top rated, best of breed and premium quality.

Getting Started 1) Pick the courses you want from my list of 60+ online courses Go here to pick

2 ) email me or contact me on fb and tell me which classes you want to license / 3) If the class is already on teachable I can easily give you access within 24hours

of your payment if class not yet on teachable allow 5 business days to transfer it Additional 500+ technology and programming courses by other bestselling instructors are available. Please email me for a list of those courses.

Online Classes Essential classes to enroll if you want to go with the Private Label make sure you watch all of those

classes that I suggest links are below at lowest price possible

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass: Newbie to Advanced Bootcamp MailChimp Marketing: Build your eMail list & Squeeze Page

Teachable: Master Teaching and Creating Courses Online

Exclusive PLR

The following courses are only available for PLR rights for a fee of $1200 per course

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass: Newbie to Advanced Bootcamp

Alibaba Import & Export: Dropshipping eBay Profits Course

eBay 2020 DropShip: Comprehensive Dropshipping Masterclass

eBay 2020 Selling Masterclass: Comprehensive in Depth Course eBay Dropshipping Academy: Ultimate Arbitrage Mastery Course


No PLR rights set PLR rate for co-instructor courses if you want to purchase rights to

those both authors of the classes must agree on a set rate applicable to both parties

No PLR or rights available to the class below no exceptions

ClickBank Affiliate Masterclass : Comprehensive Training

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