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No more Free or $9.99 Deals?

Udemy Price Hikes! Everything $13.99?

The days of giving unlimited coupons are over and even free coupons. The fault was both students and teachers but a lot of students abused this program giving bad reviews to teachers who gave out free classes. Watching classes giving zero rating to good classes sinking the moral of the teachers who created it and some teachers stopped teaching on Udemy.

Right now I can only a coupon $9.99 once a month and it expires in 5 days or one between price $13.99 to $109.99 and that expires in 31 days worse this is the current best or custom price meaning that might change next month to different offer restricting my ability to give you a good price.

Moving forward if you still want $9.99 deals grab it as soon as you see it they are more rare now and do not last. Another option is to get my classes from teachable or ask me for a coupon message me sergey kasimov on facebook or just get them from my own website on teachable.

Teachable also change the terms of service for those that use it free like me I only get 10 discounted $9 deals to give each month therefore I put in student rate in each class and you can redeem them for that price until they expire each month. Not all classes been ported yet and some are only available right now exclusively on teachable.

I also posted some direct links to my teachable account on my website and youtube so you can take advantage of $9 offers note only 10 passes exist on teachable each month for that price point. Also some classes right now on teachable I offer for exclusive price of $5 I do plan to hike the prices soon to higher price offers so those deals won't last.

Below is the screen we see and what I can do no more unlimited passes are allowed free or discounted also as you can see FREE coupons only exist 3 days unlimited or 31 days first 10 students making it impossible to give it free or discounted anymore on websites or Youtube because they expire too fast and no one has the time to update this each month.

We can only issue 3 coupon codes each month free or paid per class

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