Are you ready to start 2020 and wake up fresh? First off happy New Years for some it starts sooner then others. If its not here yet well you got a bit of time to wrap up this year and get ready to start 2020 with goals and get something done not just one thing a lot of things.

My question to you would you like to make next year as produce and on focus as mine was? Would you like to get unlimited confidence, set goals and do what you always wanted? If the answer is yes read on.

A wise man once said the follow quote you can see it in black and that is a quote you should always referral to in fact I put a copy of that on my wall because it is something I live by.

2019 started slow at least for me then everything started to pick up. Money wise or in terms of business success this been one of the better years where I got a lot done, accomplished and completed. Including producing new online content, getting more serious with Youtube and lastly getting more hours into my job and business.

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To start your year right you need to change how you think and stop following all those others gurus what have they done yet that was so game changing? Thing is the more people you follow, ask questions and try to learn knowledge the quest has no end and missing the end game.

The game plan! First off you need to set goals and destination. Half the journey is knowing where you are sailing! The second half is getting to its destination better smart and wiser :) You need to first set a few goals and make them something you can do and accomplish.

First step... Write down the goals not on your laptop, smart phone but get that piece of paper and write this down so you do not get it buried somewhere do not have a pen go buy one they are cheap! Write 10 goals, 3 short term, 3 medium and 4 long term. Then cross out those you cannot do and those that are too easy pick the best 5 those would be it.

Second Step...

Set 2020 to accomplish those goals lets say goal #1 is fitness and #2 is financial security. Work on putting in 10min each day to fitness and increase this week by a bit until you get to 30min a day or every other day. For financial security spent 20 min each day learning someone new and 10 min to trying to do what you learned. Over time this adds up.

Third Step...

Do not give up! Do not get distracted and keep working until the goals are accomplished! If your goal to learn a new skill or take new class finish it 100% then try to do this knowledge. No excuse each day you got time to do this and each day you fail to do this is not failure it is lack of discipline add to your life and you will see real results.

Happy New Year and set this year 2020 to be your best yet

your instructor,

Sergey Kasimov

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