Co-Teach With me!

Co-teach with me? Do you have what it takes!

I own my early success to co-teaching with others instructors. The benefits are... twice as faster rate of creating a quality course, much stronger curriculum and taking marketing to the next level. With having over 60+ Public and even more private courses and over 150,000+ students you are getting a big boost in potential enrollments, reviews and marketing. The only real downside is we split revenue 50% as Udemy takes 50% regardless it is an equal split of 25%.

Co-Teaching Requirements

I do not select just anyone, you need to bring something to the table and I rarely co-teach so if you are selected do not disappoint me. All the following must be completed or done before you should even contact me.

You must have have at least 1 course on Udemy, 4.0 average and higher and you are expert in this topic and at least 1000+ students enrolled. The material has to be yours, original and you already took Udemy Policies Course. You must watch this course first. If you have yet to start teaching on Udemy then I suggest you take my best selling Udemy Success Bootcamp. It got a secret list I use to promote my new release course with over 100+ places and how to do it.


Just because you do not meet the requirements above does not mean you will not get selected. If you want to co-teach with me and got a hot topic please contact me and let me know why I should make an exception for you.

Here is a coupon to enroll for $10

Udemy Success Bootcamp <- Enroll here (Suggested)

Here is the link to enroll free

Udemy Policies Course <- Enroll here (Required)

Course Creation

You must write the outline of the course, half of the contact produced will be yours the other half I will supply it and you need to tell me what lectures to supply. We can discuss ideas together. The class must be in draft mode on Udemy, you have at least 2 hours of content you can add or already added to the class and you give me your Udemy email so I can set up revenue split this is covered in the Udemy Success Bootcamp course.

Earning Potential

My highest course earnings with a co-teaching instructor are over $10,000 dollars in earning the lowest is $100, I cannot promise you a figure how much you will make as it depends on the course topic, how much afford you put into marketing & planing and subject competition on Udemy. What I can promise you I will do my best to market the course to my client base and I expect you to do the same.

Contact me

If you already did all the above and are interested please send me a message on Facebook lets talk and if I find you good fit it is required we do a video interview on Facebook video or Skype.

Co-Instructor List

Alex Genadinik

Jewel & Auret

John Colley

Michele Doff Ph.D.

Scott Paton

Tatiana Amrose

Yohann Taieb

I hope to work with you,

Sincerely yours

Sergey Kasimov

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