Understanding Udemy Deals And Discounts

Why does it seem like Udemy is doing some kind of a promotion on a daily basis with some promotions being gigantic promotions and other promotions being minor ones?

Every season, Udemy does a major promotion where every course on Udemy is discounted to $10. There is the Black Friday sale in the Fall, the goal-setting January sale in the Winter, and the big May and August sales.

Inbetween those sales, every month, Udemy runs multiple mid-size promotions at various prices to subsets of students.

Inbetween the Udemy promotions, instructors promote their own Udemy coupons, usually for $10 each. In the past, instructors used to be able to discount the courses to below $10 per course, but in April 2016, Udemy took away that ability so now instructors can’t compete on price on Udemy during Udemy’s major sales. But the $10 price is the cheapest possible price at the moment, so if Udemy runs a $15 or a $19 price promotion, students can still snap up courses for $10 from instructor promotions.

The last question remains: can you get Udemy courses for free on promotions? You can often get free Udemy courses on various discount sites or on Udemy, but those tend to be low quality throw-away courses that instructors give away to get you into their course so they can promote their othe courses or something else to you. Nothing is truly free so I am skeptical of free courses.

Of course, when you buy from the instructor directly, you can always ask for additional discounts. Many instructors often give discounts when people buy courses with Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency.

Written by Alex Genadinik

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