Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II Review

I had no choice but to upgrade to the Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II really I been waiting way too long about 5 years! I did before upgrade to the S120 yet it was a bit bigger in size very slight but enough so it wont fit into my bag I did like that camera a lot and waited for the price to drop and it never did.

While I waited I have been using my S110 it was the best camera I ever bought, unfortunately now the S110 and the S120 been retired and best thing about those two the wheel on the back making it with the front lens giving it as if DSLR in your pocket ability. The low light capacity of those two cameras are amazing and giving this is 5 year old tech for S110!

Fast forward to today. The S110 took years of beating, I dropped it a few times on concrete! on the floor and so on and it still works. Made in Japan quality so why upgrade to the G9X Mark II? The camera is living on borrowed time any day it might exceed its expected life expectancy and I use it for work and take thousands of pictures. Also its video capacity been really bad and I need micro.

So why not get the Canon G7X Mark II? Well first of all I already have it ;) It is amazing for vlogs and selfies, got 24mm and wheel control on the back. But it is missing ability to take micro pictures and it is a bit bigger and not pocket side so I can only use it only for videos but not for taking product photography.

My other cameras cannot get the job done! I would either need to get my big DSLR or use the Canon G7X Mark II or the M5 Camera. What is the issue with the Canon G7X Mark II amazing for video I love the flip screen but sucks for lowlight and Micro. What about the M5 I love the interchangeable lens got amazing micro yet the auto focus and a bit heavy on the size.

Too bad the S120 is no longer been sold! If you can get really good one used great but for same cost you get the new Canon G9X Mark II. You might as well just get it brand new it is smaller in size gets you amazing video quality and best of all pocket size James Bond Camera. Also it comes with an actual manual you can hold in your hands and read! No more pdf files to try to read on laptop or your mobile.

Rating 9.5 Star out of 10

Pros: Micro, Video and Touch Screen

Cons: No 24mm lacks zoom and wheel

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Comes in two colors Silver or Black

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